A Snowy Road Trip: Scenic Route 100’s Classic Vermont Towns

February 11, 2022


Encounter the winter beauty of the East Coast at an unseen level this year. Named one of “The Most Beautiful Places in Vermont” by Thrillist (and for good reason), Vermont Route 100 links together the stunning towns of Stowe and Waterbury, and the Mad River Valley. These three communities carry several of Vermont’s best hidden gems in lodging options, an array of dining picks, shops, arts and culture, winter recreation and more. Read on to sample a day in each town. 

A Stunning Escape to Stowe

After cruising down the extraordinary Route 100, you settle into one of Stowe’s lodging options ranging from romantic getaways to family-friendly resorts and hotels. The next morning you wake up to a steamy coffee from a local coffee shop and then take a stroll into a few of our small-town shops. Stowe offers an array of activities to fill up your afternoon with, whether you decide to relax, play, or watch. Soon enough, your stomach starts to grumble, so you head into one of our impressive dining establishments and indulge! Plan your getaway to Stowe today and prepare yourself because you won’t want to leave.

Discover the Wonders of Waterbury

Right off of Route 100, the town of Waterbury brings to life Vermont’s classical charm. Before starting your day, make yourself at home at one of our beautiful inns or hotels because you deserve to rest and relax. Grab a quick coffee and a scrumptious breakfast to kick off your morning at our delicious eateries. Then create memories at some of our lively recreational activities, while also filling up your afternoon at our variety of shops. Prepare to stuff your bags full of Vermont-made products to bring these memories home with you. Wrap up your eventful day by feasting locally at our well-known restaurants and pubs to make a night one you won’t forget. Reward yourself by starting now to plan your escape to Waterbury!

The Must-See Valley in Vermont

Nestled south of Waterbury, Mad River Valley carries the small-town charm of Vermont though it’s the picturesque views of “The Valley” that have made us come back for more. Stretch your arms out to the sun peaking over the valley’s mountains as you wake from a restful sleep at one of our quaint lodging options. Sipping on a locally brewed coffee from a nearby café, stroll to a brunch reservation at our special breakfast and lunch establishments. Find Vermont’s hidden treasures to bring home with you after your journey in the valley as you peek into our collection of shops, boutiques, and markets. Experience the vast range of recreational activities in your last hours of daylight. Then experience the joys of our dining scene as you refuel at an outstanding eatery before your day comes to an end. Book your trip to Vermont’s classic valley and this day will soon be your reality!

These classic Vermont communities weave together the beauties of Vermont Route 100 to make your escape to the Green Mountains one you won’t forget. Offering a range of lodging options for your comfort, local dishes to indulge in, and a collection of shops as well as activities to bring home memories, these towns will elevate your Vermont experience. Visit each town’s website to start planning your own Vermont getaway today! View our video for inspiration.

Video courtesy of Mark Vandenberg. Photos courtesy of Mark Vandenberg, Heather Glenn, and Sharon Harper.