Fat Biking

Fat biking is a fun way to experience a Stowe winter on wheels. Riders take the same world-class trails in the summertime, which connect to the village, local bike shops and favorite après haunts. Haven’t tried fatbiking before? It’s much like mountain biking on a bicycle with wide tires made to easily pedal across snow. Luckily Stowe has you covered with a range of terrain to start on as well as several shops in the area that offer rentals. So try a new adventure and make lasting memories in Stowe!

Where to Ride

Many trails are easy and free to access and offer great riding conditions with regular maintenance by local volunteers. Local trails include: The Stowe Recreation Path, Edson Hill (motorized grooming), Cotton Brook, as well as other VAST trails on state forest land, Callaghy’s Trail and Split Rock in Sterling Forest, and Cady Hill Forest. Head to the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail and take a tour or rent bikes to ride with Lamoille Valley E-Bikes. Make sure fatbiking is permitted before hitting the trails. Please note, fatbiking is not permitted on Adam’s Camp trails. Be sure to check trail conditions and learn more about the trails from Stowe Trails Partnership.

Where to Find Equipment

Stowe’s local sporting goods shops can set you up with rentals, demos and the purchasing of fatbikes for the ultimate winter biking experience. AJ’s Ski & Sports, Ranch Camp and Pinnacle Ski & Sports are all great options and can also offer advice and tips for your next adventure. If you are looking for a guided fatbiking tour check out 4 Points VT.