Your New Remote Office: Workcation in Stowe

March 24, 2023


Workcation (noun).

Definition: a working vacation where employees can login remotely from anywhere in the world while enjoying the places you’re working from outside of business hours as if you were on vacation. Workcations differ from traditional vacations in that employees do not necessarily have to take any time off work. You are simply working remotely from somewhere other than your home.

Example: I just booked a workcation in Stowe, Vermont.

Are you able to work remotely anywhere in the world? Stowe, Vermont is the perfect spot for your next workcation. Take full advantage of mid-week lodging rates, while enjoying everything the Stowe area has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an office with a view or a quaint, cozy cabin in the woods, Stowe features many unique lodging properties with various amenities that will meet all your remote office needs.

Benefits of Workcations

Flexibility: maybe you don’t have enough vacation days to take a full vacation? Maybe you have too much going on to take time off, but feel the need to get away? Or maybe you are just looking for a change of scenery? Workcations provide employees lots of flexibility when it comes to their work setting.

Promotes positive mental health: a fresh, new setting can have lasting impacts on an employee’s mental health and can help avoid burnout in the workplace. Workcations can allow employees all the mental health benefits of taking a vacation without sacrificing productivity at work or precious paid time off.

Employee retention: employers that offer flexible work schedules and remote office opportunities can also reap the benefits of workcations. In addition to promoting a healthy work-life balance, workcations can be utilized as a competitive recruitment and retention tool.

Things to Keep in Mind

Wifi connectivity: internet connection is a pivotal piece of remote work. Visitors might consider contacting locations about their connectivity prior to booking when planning to work from a vacation destination.

Set boundaries: establishing a schedule is important when it comes to workcations. Be sure to designate time for work and time for exploring the area and communicate that to your employer to ensure a successful workcation for all parties.

Traveling solo versus with a group or family: setting business hours and leisure time is definitely easier when traveling alone, but that does not mean that couples, groups or families cannot reap the benefits of workcations. Employees workcationing with an entourage should ensure all parties are aware of their work hours and obligations.

If the idea of a workcation has piqued your interest, or if you’re a seasoned workcationer, Stowe’s quiet and charming spirit is perfect for your new remote office. There are plenty of things to explore after work hours or on your lunch break. Explore our unique and cozy lodging properties that could be home to your next workcation.

Photos courtesy of Tälta Lodge, Field Guide and Brass Lantern Inn.

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