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January 16, 2019


Stowe is a special place for me. Not only is it the place where I was raised, but it’s a small town that I got to grow and develop with. I’ve worked at Stowe Mountain Resort for 14 years, and through all the change over the years, one thing that remains the same is our community’s passion for a healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle and an eagerness to welcome others into it. There are so many ways to enjoy these special Stowe experiences, and our Ski and Snowboard School makes it even easier to have a great day on the hill.

The Ski & Snowboard School Family
As the Training Manager for the Stowe Ski and Snowboard School, my job is to oversee instructor development. The best part about my job is sharing what I love to do with my team while helping them develop their skills, overcome challenges and reach new limits. We are one of the oldest Ski and Snowboard School’s in the country, founded by the Austrian Sepp Ruschp in 1938. This means lots of experience, inside knowledge and love of snow sports. It is so rewarding to see our team of top-notch instructors pass their love for sliding on snow on to our guests.

Every morning I come to work with an amazing staff, who I can honestly say are an extended part of my family. We share a lot of the same interests and hobbies, as well as incredible moments like a picture-perfect alpenglow on our morning commute, or fresh tracks on a powder day. It’s these things that connect us to ourselves, to nature and to each other.

Instructors for Every Age & Level
Everybody can benefit from a coach. Whether you’re a beginner or a World Cup-athlete, a second set of eyes and a wealth of inside knowledge can help take your skills to the next level. Our Private Mountain Guides provide a personalized experience for everyone. Whether you are working on improving and gaining confidence, or just trying to learn more about our terrain and the best places to ski, we can elevate the experience for you.  Everyone has their own challenges—their own black diamond—and our staff can help guide you through conquering them.

As a father of a 5-year old son, I am happy when I can spend more time enjoying our mountain experience together rather than being the educator each time we hit the slopes. Our Stowe Ski and Snowboard School kids lessons teach our children the skills they need to navigate proper terrain so you can simply enjoy your ski time as family when you’re together. Our full day programs provide ample (kid-approved) time for play, learning and adventure and we are happy to summarize it all in the personalized progress cards that the kids go home with every day. Plus, the Adventure Center is just an outstanding facility that is completely unique among ski resorts.

This resort has a ton of history and long-standing influence in the ski industry, and we are eager to share it with others. So, whether you are here to learn something new or just looking for an epic day on the mountain, our Ski and Snowboard School family is here for you.

About the Author
Nate Gardner is the Training Manager of the Stowe Mountain Resort Ski and Snowboard School. He has lived in Stowe since he was a kid and has worked at the resort for 14 years, starting as a full-time instructor, and is now an Examiner with the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the world’s largest organization dedicated to professional development of ski and snowboard instructors. Check them out at and follow Nate on Instagram @nateteachski.

Photo courtesy: Stowe Mountain Resort