Live Like a Local: Q&A with Archery Close

May 12, 2023


Located in the heart of downtown Stowe, Archery Close is a clothing boutique consisting of two stores – the first floor is dedicated entirely to women and the second floor is geared towards men. Stowe’s local retail establishments are as unique and vibrant as the area itself and offer quality products for a variety of tastes.

Archery Close offers a curated collection of designers and styles paired with a knowledgeable staff that helps make fashion approachable and unique to the individual. Archery Close Men’s provides guys in town with a store just for them with everything they need to feel comfortable in their clothes.

Taice Perroti, who owns the boutique alongside her husband, Chris, tells us some of her favorite things about living and owning a small business in the Stowe area.

Q: What makes the Stowe area a destination for travelers? 

A: Stowe has small town charm, but with the amenities of a much bigger city! There is literally something for everyone – adventure seekers can mountain bike, ski, zip line, etc. There is a movie theatre and bowling alley for rainy days. Foodies have tons of options with our world class restaurants, amazing breweries and locally sourced ingredients. The gift stores and clothing boutiques are great for those looking to stroll and shop!

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the Stowe area and why?

A: I love paddleboarding on the reservoir early in the morning and seeing the wildlife – spotting a bald eagle while the mist rises from the water is a special treat. 

Q: What is your favorite season in Vermont and why?

A: Summer! There is so much to do in Stowe, so having those extra hours of daylight gives me time to enjoy.

Q: Tell us a little about your business. How long have you been part of the Stowe community?

A: My husband and I run two stores in Stowe – both named Archery Close – the women’s boutique is on the first floor at 25 Main Street and the men’s store is upstairs in the same building. I have been visiting Stowe since I was a kid, and have always dreamed of living here. We finally made the move a few years ago and are so happy to have small businesses in this community. 

Q: What does travel forward mean to you, your business and your community?

A: The first thing that comes to mind is my happiness that travel is back post-Covid. So travel forward to me means not only is travel happening again, but let’s make it happen with gusto! Let’s move on and get back to welcoming tourism to our towns, which this industry needs to survive. Stowe has so many amazing events and celebrations throughout the year that bring a lot of people to town – I would love to see us keep expanding on those events and push them forward into bigger and better celebrations to draw more people to the area. 

Photo courtesy of Archery Close.

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