Stowe Jazz Festival

August 28-30, 2020

The Stowe Jazz Festival is a three-day, multi-venue, free festival held in the beautiful, mountain village of Stowe, Vermont. The music, the atmosphere, the overall vibe of this festival is uniquely Stowe and free of charge. The Stowe Jazz Festival takes place in one of the most picturesque regions in New England. Jazz has so many sub-genres it can be difficult to describe, but at its very core is a sense of reaching-out, engagement and communication. We’ll be presenting nothing but Jazz at our Festival each year’ Be-bob, Brazilian Jazz, Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Progressive/Electric Jazz, Standards, Afro-Cuban Jazz, instrumental and vocal artists alike. Jazz crosses all barriers, embraces all and refuses none.

Come hike the trails, marvel at the scenic views, enjoy unique dining experiences, explore Stowe and listen to world class jazz at night.

Check back for the 2020 event schedule.

View event website here.