The Avocado Pit

Fresh burritos, tacos, and salads.

At The Avocado Pit, we’re redefining quick-serve dining with gourmet Mexican cuisine that fits into modern lifestyles. From made-to-order burritos to fresh salads, we use tasty local produce in everything we make.

But we’re more than just food. We’re committed to supporting our communities by partnering with local farms, offering discounts to essential workers, and sponsoring local events.

Our team is made up of your neighbors, friends, and family, all passionate about connecting with people over delicious Mexican food.

We’re not just a restaurant; we’re an essential part of the communities we serve, providing satisfying, affordable meals on the go. Join us at The Avocado Pit, where quick-serve meets gourmet, and let’s build a tastier, more vibrant community together.

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