Remarkable Home at Stowe Craft

After many years as an artist, gallery owner and manager, Susan Bayer-Fishman opened Remarkable Home at Stowe Craft in August, 2002.

Located at the at the junction of Routes 100 and 108 in Stowe village, the design center affords space to show an amazing selection of American handcrafted furniture, lighting, home decor and art.

A few of the special items you will find include:

  • Industrial modern, Salvaged steel and reclaimed wood trestle tables, coffee tables and lighting.
  • Luxurious Italian contemporary design recliners, chairs and sectionals.
  • Painted wood tables, mirrors and other furnishings by Sticks object art
  • Wall art in a variety of mediums: steel, aluminum, paper.
  • Sculpture for indoors and outdoors
  • Clocks, mirrors and other home decor
  • Custom made to order hand-knotted rugs
  • We offer traditional interior decor products and services with the benefit of many years of work as an interior designer, studio artist and project manager.