Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Real Vermont on Route 100!

There’s a dang fine reason why the Cold Hollow Cider Mill is both a top New England producer of fresh apple cider and one of Vermont’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s because we do it the real old-fashioned way, making pure cider with a traditional rack and cloth press built in the 1920s — and, by gosh, you can come watch and sample. We press year-round, and we’re open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m., closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

After you’ve seen cider made, explore our vintage mill. Our shelves are stuffed with fine Vermont specialty foods and products, and you can sample jellies, mustard and more. Watch our live honey bees at work (behind glass!) in our Honey Corner. Honeybees are stars of the apple world, don’t you know — they pollinate the orchards each spring when the blossoms are out.

You’ll be lured by the warm aroma to try some legendary Cold Hollow Cider Donuts. Gourmet magazine called ‘em one of the country’s top four donuts, by gosh — and no wonder! Have ‘em hot with fresh Vermont coffee or hot cider, then choose some treats from our all-natural bakery. Apple pies, pumpkin rolls, cookies, homemade fudge … oh, there’s lots more.

Across the driveway is our Apple Core Luncheonette and Beer Store. Here you will discover that homemade is our favorite word. Enjoy Baked-daily breads and homemade soup, salads, sandwiches and paninis.

Authentic hard cider from a REAL cider mill. The Apple Core Luncheonette also features our very own hard ciders available to enjoy here or take home with you.