Top 3 Places to Mountain Bike in Stowe

May 24, 2018


Mountain biking in Stowe has evolved over the years to include an extensive network of trails that provides diverse recreational opportunities for all – from epic all-day journeys to lunch-hour hot laps with coworkers. The three main trail pods – Sterling Forest, Cady Hill Forest and Adams Camp – are distinct in character with widely differing trails, views and terrain.
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The Stowe Trails Partnership manages and maintains approximately 30 miles of multi-use trails in Stowe. Here are some of our favorite trails to ride during mountain bike season:

Cady Hill Forest
Cady Hill Forest is Stowe Trails Partnership’s flagship trail network; its diverse terrain, great views, easy access from town and the Stowe Rec Path, and trails that cater to just about any level of rider make it one of the most ridden trail networks in the northeast. Since 2012, Stowe Trails Partnership has constructed almost five miles of fresh single-track in Cady Hill, and has rerouted and rebuilt many smaller sections of trail to modern standards. Cady Hill’s signature trail Florence, built by Sustainable Trailworks, has been named best flow trail by readers three years running.

Adams Camp
The Adams Camp trail pod, located just off the northern end of Stowe’s iconic Mountain Road, includes portions of the Catamount Trail and Stowe Derby Trail. Adams Camp serves as an invaluable link to the Trapp Family Lodge trails, while also providing access to a large trail network in Ranch Valley and Mt. Mansfield State Forest.

Sterling Forest
Sterling Forest is unique among Stowe’s trail pods due to its location and remote, backcountry feel. The trails are challenging, and the setting offers a sense of isolation that can be hard to find these days. The latest addition is Callagy’s Trail, a technical, hand-built trail that’s as challenging as it is fun. It took more than 400 hours of volunteer time and several generous donations to complete the trail in 2017.

The mission of Stowe Trails Partnership includes a broader goal of enhancing and strengthening the Stowe community. This comes from a literal hands-on approach to trail interactions: guided trail building events and maintenance efforts, corporate community service days, community events like the B3 Fest and group rides all help to instill a sense of community and personal investment in Stowe’s trails.
B3 Fest

For more information about Stowe Trails Partnership, including recommended rides, trail conditions and becoming a member, please visit

Images courtesy of: Stowe Trails Partnership, Trapp Family Lodge, Grant Wieler Photography

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