Authentic Après-Ski Experience in Stowe

March 10, 2022


Melty, gooey cheese, perfectly roasted potatoes, grilled sausage, and refreshing Alpine wines. This is après-ski in Stowe. After a long day of skiing or snowboarding, when your legs are so tired it practically necessitates a bout of relaxation, après is one of the best things to do.

Stowe is the perfect place for this

The tradition of après-ski — a social hour after skiing featuring wine and traditional Alpine foods — originated in Norway and was finessed in France, where it acquired its name. It began in the 1950s and quickly migrated across the Atlantic to American ski resorts. 

The food and beverages featured in American après may have shifted over time to include beer, burgers, and the like, but the essence remains the same: at its core, après is a time to relax, enjoy ourselves, and revel in the unique power of food and wine to transform our experiences. 

Après is a unique intersection of wine and ski culture that we at Dedalus Wine embrace wholeheartedly. It perfectly demonstrates how closely wine is tied to place, experience, and history. Our favorite après is the one close to our favorite mountain, in our own backyard, with friends and family and the sweet relief of kicking off our boots at the end of the day, with crisp Alpine wines that pair perfectly with raclette. 

Being so close to Stowe Mountain Resort and its epic terrain and rich ski culture reminds us of the origins of après in those European resorts. Our après-ski calls back to those roots, especially at Dedalus Wine with traditional Alpine foods, like Raclette and homemade sausage, and thirst-quenching  Alpine wines from Alsace, the Jura, Alto Adige, and Savoie.

Every experience is better with melted cheese

At Dedalus Wine, we believe those wines, those dishes, aren’t things that sustain us, they enrich our lives. Transform our experiences. Take raclette, a traditional cheese from the Alpine regions of Switzerland and France. The dish that bears its name features melted Raclette scraped over potatoes, bread, sausage, and cornichons.

This is the kind of food informed by place — Raclette comes from the milk of cows that graze in sweet summer Alpine pastures, and is sometimes made right there on the mountainside.  It’s a cheese so uniquely tied to the Alps, that it just makes sense to enjoy it in this context, in the shadow of Mount Mansfield, after a long day of skiing. That’s why each weekend Dedalus offers an epic après experience featuring housemade sausage, melty Raclette cheese scraped over roasted potatoes, perfectly grilled burgers, and an insane selection of alpine wine.

So come over to Dedalus. Kick off your boots and get a taste of authentic après after a day on the slopes of our favorite mountain. Be sure to check out our giveaway on Instagram that ends March 17, 2022!

Images courtesy of Dedalus Wine.

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