TreeTop Adventure at Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe’s Treetop Adventure is closed for the Summer 2021 season. Check out our other summer offerings

Stowe’s TreeTop Adventure entails six different courses consisting of aerial tree-to-tree connections with 68 various Challenge/Game elements intertwined in the experience. During your adventure, you will ride Zip Lines, walk over suspended bridges, scramble up nets, cross swinging logs, climb rope ladders and much more! You will learn how to attach yourself to the safety cable system so that you may explore the diverse and exciting challenges in the canopy of the Mansfield forest. The activity is for ages 7 and up and ideal for most ages. Guides are available.

*Participants on the Green, Blue, Red and Black Adult Adventure courses must be age 7 or older and able to reach a height of 5’9″ with fingertips when standing flat-footed.

**The Kids Explorer Yellow Course is for children ages 7-12 only. Participants must be able to reach a height of 4’7″ with fingertips when standing flat-footed. All rates and dates are subject to change without notice. Rates do not include 6% Vt. sales tax. Age, weight and/or height restrictions may apply for some activities—please review the FAQs. Weather permitting.

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