Welcome to the world of FjällBar, a hotel cocktail lounge inspired by Swedish minimalism and rustic mountain aesthetics. FjällBar is not just a place; it’s an experience, where the warmth of cozy atmospheres meets the elevated sophistication of inventive cocktails and preservation-focused small plates. Our homey space features comfy modern furniture, adventure guide books, and recipe guides for guests to appreciate in the heart of Tälta Lodge, a Bluebird by Lark, in Stowe, VT.


Fjäll means “mountain” in Swedish. Say it: “Fyell-bahr”

The menu at FjällBar is a celebration of preservation techniques, with a focus on Spanish Conserva and high-quality tinned fish. Our small plates and sharing formats highlight the artistry of preserving flavors, making each bite a journey through culinary craftsmanship. At the core of FjällBar’s beverage menu is a commitment to sustainability and seasonality, which is essentially the way of life in any mountain town.