Waterbury Center

 Waterbury Center, along the Green Mountain Byway.

Off of Route 100, Waterbury Center is one of Waterbury’s earliest settlements. Here you’ll find the Waterbury Grange, a post office, a fire department, recreation areas, and a residential neighborhood. Nearby is the Green Mountain Seminary, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Waterbury Center is a well-preserved example of a rural agricultural settlement, pre-dating Victorian-era Colbyville and Waterbury Village. It developed into a transportation hub after the Vermont Central Railroad established a depot here in the 1840s.

In the midst of what appears to be a tight, mixed-use, residential settlement are major tourist attractions recalling the area’s rich agri-tourism and locally-grown business culture. Also located in or near the village are the Waterbury Center Community Church, another site listed on the National Register for Historic Places, and the Headquarters and Visitor Center for the Green Mountain Club, the organization that preserves and maintains the Long Trail.